Caterpillar Application


A caterpillar’s sponsor is responsible for completion and delivery of the Application to the Registrar. Any questions about registering for a Flight can be directed to the registrar, Stephanie Mason at 404-772-7279. Applications must be SCANNED AND EMAILED to the registrar. You may also mail a hard copy with your payment, but the scanned version is essential, given mail delivery issues.

Pay Caterpillar Fees Online – It is now possible to pay Caterpillar and Team Fees online with PayPal. You MUST include the caterpillar’s name AND the sponsor’s name in the PayPal notes.

Financial hardship should not be a reason for not attending Chrysalis. If this is a concern, please contact registration to discuss the need for assistance paying fees.

Click here for North Georgia Emmaus application
Click here for North Georgia Face To Face application